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By Ted Parker 16 Jan, 2017

Just like the U.S. Postal Service, a move must go on in rain, shine, sleet or snow. The weather can be unpredictable. Even under the best of circumstances, moves in the winter months can be challenging.  However, there are few tips Tony Caccamise Moving would recommend in order to prepare for your move (especially in the snow/rainy times)

Check the weather reports for your anticipate move date


Moving during a light rain does not usually cause any problems. However, moving during heavy rain can cause some challenges.

Towels, blankets, or moving pads should be put down to help prevent damage or dirt and water getting on carpet or wood floors. Some type of a carpet covering (Carpet Guard), or flattened out moving boxes are a great option that can be done ahead of time to help rain and mud from being tracked inside. Please ask us ahead of time and we would be happy to recommend other options.

Sleet and Snow

Winter weather, such as sleet, snow, and ice, can wreak the most havoc of any weather during a move. There are special considerations to be made if you are moving in Rochester during the winter months.

It is your responsibility to make sure the driveway and sidewalks are clear of snow and ice and that the movers have a clear, safe path from the house to the truck. This should be done before the movers show up. Put down salt or sand to prevent ice from forming, and keep your shovels handy in case you need to clear the path again. You are also responsible for this at your destination, so make sure the shovels are easily accessible for when your belongings arrive.

Put down towels, blankets, flattened out boxes or carpet coverings in your house so movers going in and out with wet, slushy shoes don't damage the carpet or wood floors.

Depending on the size of your move, another option is to have 4 movers. You would have two men inside the house and two outside so they can pass the boxes to one another without having to walk in the house with wet or muddy shoes.

Typically, we will move in just about any weather. We are not allowed to move if any roads are closed and we would contact you as soon as we were notified of any road closings. However, if you have to move during a snow storm, please keep in mind that it may take longer to drive to and from your addresses.  Although Tony Caccamise Moving will move your items safely, please be aware that navigating snow covered walk ways and driveways can take some time. This is why we highly recommend that walkways and driveways are clear and salted for the safety of the men and your belongings.

Moving in any kind of inclement weather might take longer than anticipated, so keep calm and stay cool.

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